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Billingham Grange Case Study: Mrs A

Mrs A is a lady in her 60s with a history of chronic psychosis with frequent relapses and placement breakdowns.  Whilst in the community her mental health often rapidly deteriorated following non-compliance with treatment and illicit substance use.  When unwell she presented with threatening and violent others, this often led to repeated admissions under the Mental Health Act.

Mrs A transferred to Billingham Grange Independent Hospital from an acute NHS mental health ward, her mental health had deteriorated and her previous community care home placement had ended her placement there as a result of risks to others.  On arrival at Billingham Grange, she presented as mildly unkempt, wearing inappropriate clothing, she refused to bathe and continued to show active signs of psychosis.

Mrs A has been hospital for 9 months and made significant progress, her mental state has stabilised following review and optimisation of medication and although she continued to show some symptoms of psychosis her overall level of functioning improved massively.  Within weeks her self-care improved and ward staff supported her to buy new and appropriate clothing.  She started to engage with local community activities and actively sought out new activities in the local community supported by the wards occupational therapy team.

Her mental health remains well controlled and she is compliant with treatment whilst at the same time remaining abstinent from illicit substances, discharge planning began on admission and Mrs A will shortly being transitional leave to a new care home service.

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